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Equal Opportunities Policy

Children of all cultures, religions, linguistic backgrounds and abilities are treated as individuals with equal concern, in order that they should feel equally valued within the nursery environment. All staff work to encourage each child?s self esteem and respect for others.

Planet kids Day Nursery is open to all children regardless of their sex, disability, religion, nationality, ethnic or national origins.

Equal Opportunities thread through all activities and resources; we believe that all children and parents/carers should be able to use the nursery without discrimination. All equipment and activities promote non-stereotypical traditions, values and environments. We aim to promote the positive values of diverse cultural identities through anti-racist activities and resources and positive anti-sexist and anti- discriminatory values are an integral part of all activities.

When planning our activities we enable the children to explore and develop an
understanding of a range of cultures and traditions, making sure that these are not all European based, but represent cultures from around the world.

Parent/carer involvement in these activities can be very helpful.
Planet Kids Day Nursery recognises that the involvement of parent/carer in the development and monitoring of our Equal Opportunities Policy is vital to its success.