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Lost child Policy

In the unlikely event of a child, going missing within the nursery the following procedure will be implemented immediately.

* All staff present will be informed and an immediate thorough search of the nursery will be made followed by a search of the surrounding areas, ensuring that all other children remain supervised throughout.

* A staff member will notify the Manager, whilst other staff continues searching.

* The Manager will carry out a second search of the area.

* If the Child is still not been accounted for the Manager will contact the police.

* The Manager will also contact the parents of the missing child.

* During this period, staff will be continually searching for the missing child, whilst other staff maintain normal routine as possible for the rest of the children in the Nursery.

* The Manager will meet the police and the parent/carers.

* The Manager will then await instructions from the police.

* Any incidents must be recorded in writing on an incident report form.

* OFSTED must be contacted and informed of any incidents.